London-based Natty Dub Recordings was established in September of 2012 by Cabin Fever UK in order to provide an outlet for their own style of Jungle/Drum & Bass music. Straight away Natty Dub became an instant success with the masses, having a succession of #1 chart spots on DNBarena, and Juno, amongst others – from day one, Natty Dub was making a very early impact.

In 2013 and 2014, with a string of essential dancefloor tracks already on the imprint, the decision was made to have “Gets No Rougher/All Night Long/Can You See Me” remixed with by emerging heavyweights Saxxon, Jaydan, and Level 2.

After the success of the remix series, the label held its 1st competition with the prize being a chance to remix the Cabin Fever track “Make Your Move” with the 2 best submitted efforts being releases on the label. This competition was successful in identifying some up and coming talent, and giving them an outlet for releasing their work.

From this remix project, the label found 3 new inspired talents – Version, Jaxx, and Illphaze. Natty Dub Recordings continued to dominate the Juno charts with further releases including 2 solo EPs by Voltage, the Low Rollers EP, and the Gangstar EP, one of which contained the dancefloor hit “Taking Chances” featuring the label’s vocalist, Regina.

Continuing into the spring of 2015, Natty Dub’s presence continued to grow, and the decision to release the 1st Various Artists compilation album hit the streets titled “The Rise of The Soldiers”. This album showcased the wide variety of talent that was in and around the Natty Dub camp. The album was well received across the entire Jungle/Drum & Bass landscape with DJs and fans alike, and the sales allowed it too maintain several weeks at the #1 spot in the Juno album charts.

With incredible momentum continuing to propel the label forward, Natty Dub Recordings finished the 2nd half of 2015 by releasing 2 solo artist Eps, and a Various Artists EP. The first of which was Saxxon’s debut solo EP, the Party Bag EP, which received high praise across the globe, and gained major support with the track “Junction” being championed by T.C. with plays on his MistaJam Radio One mix. The Party Bag EP also hit the #1 spot in the Juno album charts, and stayed there for 6 weeks, and further maintained a top 10 position for the following 3 months!

Natty Dub followed up with K Jah’s successful solo EP entitled the “Street Trends EP” featuring Jinx on “Now or Never”, and finally closing out the year with another popular effort, the Natty Dub Various Artists EP entitled “Ammo Box V1”, featuring artists T>I & Dominator, Jinx, Cabin Fever & Jaxx, Bassface Sasha & Feindsoul, and In:Fo.

With 2016 here, Natty Dub Recordings have announced that Full Cycle Recordings, V Recordings, Reprazent, Dope Dragon, and Fresh Four legend, DJ SUV, has officially joined the roster along with Jaxx & In:Fo. With the imminent release of SUV & Jaxx “If You Know” and “Aura”, under their aliases Bigga Star and Spreda – 2016 is kicking off with a bang!

Artists that have released on Natty Dub Recordings, in alphabetical order:

Aries – A N F M – Bassface Sasha – Bladerunner – Bigga Star – Cabin Fever – Candice Fudge – Classifyed – Coda – COY – Damageman – Dawn Raid – Diligent Fingers – DJ Sofa – Dominator – Dub General – Dunk – Dj Hybrid – Erbman – Hoogs – Feindsoul – Flat T – Formula –  Golden – Ill Phaze – In:Fo – Jacky Murda – Jam Thieves – Jaxx – Jaydan – Jaybee – Jinx – Joe Peng –  KC – K Jah – Kenji – Pa – Level 2 – MC Astro – Mc Dna – Mcleod – Mood – Mythz – Natty D – Next Chapter – Regina – Saxxon – Serum – Sikka – Spreda – Stokka – Supreme Being – Sureshock – Suv – Sweet – Symptom – T>I – Trakker – Untrue – Version – Voltage – Vytol