After the success of Natty Dub’s sixth release, Regret It & Classic Numbers, once again topping the DnB Arena charts, Cabin Fever return with two more deep rollers in the shape of ” Lowdown Feat Regina ” & “That Jazz Lick “.

Starting proceedings with the dance floor shaker aptly entitled ” Lowdown ” Featuring Cabin Fever’s Regina .This tracks takes no prisoners , with its sublow basses punching the speaker, rollin breaks , accompanied by a sweet yet haunting vocal .All brought together with jazzy flutes and atmospherical sounds that complete this musical journey .

Next stop we have the dark roller entitled ” That Jazz Lick ” . leading you in to a false sense of security with its jazzy melodic intro then BAM !!! the dirty bassline hits you .Grinding away with crisp clean drums & Vocal stabs round off this dance floor monster and making it definite DJ favourite !!!