Since 2012 they’ve been annihilating dancefloors with their consistent output of hard hitting, flawlessly crafted jungle / drum and bass, which always manages to fuse rolling dnb with a funk driven vibe.

This release took Cabin Fever’s track ‘Make Your Move’, which was originally a stripped back jazzy roller and offered it up to a host of talent in a remix competition. Hundreds of studio hours later from various producers and these warriors were the ones crowned champions! Two serious reworks, once from a combination of Jaxx & Illphaze, the other a solo effort by Version.

Version puts the screws to it. With his history of gnarly jump up offerings you should know what to expect and it’s been ramped up and twisted and now stomps with a wicked upfront attitude. He cuts up the jazz undertones and arranges them around a savage biting lead, the sub rumbles with some proper power too and while it does all this, it still rolls along just as nicely as before.

Jaxx and Illphaze take it darker still, a droning Reese and saw like lead dominate the soundscape along with a hefty amount of low end from a weighty sub. The drums have switched into a stepping war march and tickles of the original track still remain as some of the chords still ring out around the heavy hitting beast these two have created. Definitely a bit of a damager!