After The Tremendous Success Of “Wagon Wheel” From Our Rise Of The Solders Lp Last Year, Leicester Bad Man, Coda, Takes Point For The Natty Dub Recordings Squad With A Double- Barrelled Pump-Action Shotty That’s Gonna Blister Dancefloors Worldwide— Get Fully-Loaded On That Natty Dub Steez With Fatcap And Krusty Dub!

Coda, “Fatcap”. From The Jump, We Got A Classic Intro From The King Of Style, For Those Of You Enlightened Heads— You Already Know What To Expect! This Is That Heavy Party Bounce, Folks! Fatcap Busts In With A Chugging Steppers Beat And A Swaggerlicious Bassline That’s Sounding So Fine. This One Will Have You And Your Crew Swaying In The Layup As You Shake Up The Spraycans, And For The Party People—You Know They’ll Be Busting All The Fly Shapes On The Dancefloor. Watch Out For The Bangin’ Switch-Up In The Bassline— “Don’t Shout, Don’t Run, Don’t Hide — This Is Coming To You Natural And Live!”

Coda, “Krusty Dub”. A Covert Operation Is Underway With This Cut. Coda’s Style Has Been Described As ‘Raw And Rugged, Retro Future’, And This Is Evident On Krusty Dub. For You Educated Heads, You Should Already Know What’s Up From The Title. Some Classic Bristol Flavors Get Dialed Up In A Purely Lethal Way Right Here! This Is That Marching Funk, Driven Forward By An Array Of Swirling And Bristol-Esque Fx, Crisp Smartly Layered Drums, And Set Of Fluid Morphing Bass Tones That Highlight Coda’s And Natty Dub Recording’s Influences And Inspiration—We’re Talking New Millenium Dope Dragon Vibes Done Properly! “‘Sup??!”