Natty Dub HQ… Acting on fresh intelligence, Horticultural Expert Jaxx ventures through unexplored jungle!

A reconnaissance mission…The Natty Dub troops are in need of supplies. Good Luck soldier!

Day 1 .
After cutting a path through the labyrinth that is the jungle, a clearing opens to reveal an old mansion. Thundering music booms and rises from the ground. Without warning, suddenly the front doors of the mansion burst open, a voice from within bellows “JUNGLE ASYLUM!!!”

Moving through the open doors to the faint sound of guitars, the voice from the darkness warns “So You’ve been lucky, DON’T PUSH IT!!”. Tension mounting, Jaxx tries to run but the bass won’t release him, it pulls him back with a mighty power. the bass drags him and slams him hard against the wall. Dazed and confused, a familiar aroma tingles his nostrils and brings him round. Suddenly, fully conscious, he opens his eyes to see the room filling with a dense haze of smoke. The voice continues, “HERBS is for the use of man”.

Jaxx rises to his feet slowly, regains his balance and adjusts his eyes to the low light and thick fog. He squints to see a door opposite, it was ajar. Jaxx could hear muffled conversation from the other side. Desperate to know what was going down Jaxx approaches. Staying in the shadows and remembering his Natty Dub training, he makes his way. With his body pressed firmly against the wall, he could hear heated conversation, “Who’s supplying them? Find out who told them to TAKE A WALK”. The building begins to shake, there was a low rumbling, pieces fall from above. shots echo from all around. The doors burst open, Natty dub SEARCH PARTY rush in to extract JAXX from this nightmare !!!!!!!

To be continued ……………………………