She heard the words. She could not speak. Her screams echoed throughout the woods on that cold night. Her cries, so loud, louder than the howling wolves in the distance. Pain, laid open, for all to hear, unfiltered by the harsh moonlight. She wanders lonely, with each heartbeat, the journey begins.

She heard footsteps creep slowly from behind. “Who’s there?” she cries “It’s T>I and P.A, we are the woodsmen of this forest.” “What do you want?”She asked “We have a message for you.”

The darkest words delivered with the sharpness of a double edged sword. These things shall not go unturned….

Her pace hastened in the flickering but fast fading light, incantation racing around her mind. Screaming in silence over and over.

Mist rising,
Footprints fade,
Bitter thoughts laid on open graves,
Untold tales cast a silhouette,
A heart cant be broken,
if it doesn’t beat yet!

Cries with dry eyes
Save the price of tears
No time for spent emotion,
or to that which it adheres

The day has long been over,
The KILLA cast her net,
The past goes unforgotten,
And holds the biggest SECRETS yet!

To be continued ……….