Brooklyn 1973

Released after a few years in the pen, Busterd returns to his old neighbourhood . Not a dime to his name and no job prospects, he was determined to raise himself up in the world. Busted felt he was left with no choice but to go back to the streets, the same street that put him in the pen in the first place …

Busted bumped into his old friend turned prostitute Ms Nene Brown.
“Hey there, Its been a while, Nene “
They chatted for a while before Nene asked him to look out for her interests. “You wanna make some cash and be my pimp, she asked. “

“No Doubt. “

And so Busterd entered the life of a pimp. Things moved fast and before he knew it business was booming . He was the biggest pimp on the block in no time. Being this notorious came at a price and his success didn’t go unnoticed.

A pair of crooked cops had their eye on Busted as he maced it on the streets . He was bad for business and for their rival pimp, TEMPLE DRUMZ. The cops wanted to put him straight back in the slammer, where he was out of the way. But Sometimes, YOU HAVE TO WAIT for the right moment !

To be continued………