Chapter 2

Daylight broke. Regina hadn’t slept for days, she grew more and more delirious with every passing hour. She walked for miles, counting every step as if knowing how many would take her to the edge of the earth. Her heart racing, and with bated breath, desperately she sought a path to escape the turmoil in her mind.

Some time had passed but the messenger’s words still echoed over and over in her head;

“Lost in the battle of Saxxon, Maam, he said.”

lost in battle? How could it be? If this is so, where were Suv and Jaxx she thought? Were they lost to war also? This was all too much for her mind to comprehend. Would he ever return? Deep down she refused to believe it could be true.

Dawn crept in slowly the next morning, she broke light between the trees with every step she took. She could feel the heat from the rays of the early rising sun. She longed to step into the DAYLIGHT but surely it was too soon? She watched time FLY BY, she could not let go, she would be torn apart if she trusted again. The shield she had placed over her heart, only she could remove!!!

Hard ground breaking down Light escapes all around Love for love’s sake
A goodwill deed
A broken heart
A soul in need

To be continued………….