They stood silently staring in to the darkness, all they could hear was the ramblings of this strange man coming from the corner.

“Is it 1 he said? is it 2? maybe it’s 12? I can’t think, the answer has to be here. I’m going to find it, YES I am.”

Are we going crazy too they both thought? What do the numbers mean ? Maybe they mean nothing?

The dread in their minds overwhelmed them both . We can’t keep thinking like this. We’re going to lose our minds with him.

The man continued to ramble to himself for some time. Suddenly, out of the blue, he shouted.

“ get it out, get it OUT YOUR HEAD now, It will destroy the future I tell you!. “

Maybe it will take more than just us, maybe we all have to lose our minds to find ourselves.

To be continued ……………………………