Fresh off the back of releases with Natty Dub stalwarts T>I , Saxxon , Suv & Jaxx and P.A, ReginA delivers yet another stella performance with two thought provoking Jungle tracks. This time sees her team up with Natty Dub’s very own K Jah and Hocus Pocus head honcho’s Dawn Raid . These two killer cuts once again show off ReginA’s versatility as a singer song writer that are sure to solidify her place within many a dj’s sets .

To start proceedings , ReginA joins forces with K Jah to deliver this beautifully crafted piece of music reminiscent of those early years of Jungle music entitled “ Another Day”. This track explores the traditions of jungle music with its pounding 808s and crashing breaks , all brought together with ReginA’s soulful trade mark vocals.

Next stop ReginA teams up with Dawn Raid for another slice of Jungle pressure with the track “Controlling The Sense’s”. Taking you on a journey down memory lane , this track pulls no punches combining ReginA’s Vocals with crisp clean breaks and hard hitting basses which give it that signature Dawn Raid sound .

Both tracks are locked and loaded and ready to take you on a musical journey.

Stay on target with natty dub recordings, 2017 is poppin’ off and this party’s only just begun!

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