K Jah returns to the Natty Dub imprint hot on the heals of Another Day alongside
Regina. Wwith yet another monstrous e.p that outlines completely why K Jah’s music is
being supported by dj’s and producers alike across the full drum and bass spectrum.
Having been nominated in the We Love Jungle Awards for best break through producer
for the past 2 years running, K Jah shows us just why with this all out self titled
Full Fat e.p .

So fasten your seat belts and get ready for your does of Full Fat drum and bass!
We kick off proceedings with the title track Full Fat. This full on dance floor party
track will have you smiling and bouncing around in no time at all. Reminiscent of the
early full cycle days, Stacked with vibe & flavour, this trademark K Jah riddim is a
instant set inclusion for any discerning dnb dj.

Next stop we have the baseline roller Furious Funk, leading you in to a false sense
of security. This slice of baseline pressure applies sub-woofer that simply
won’t quit. Grinding away with crisp clean drums & haunting flute stabs that round
off this dance floor shaker.

Jumping straight back in with the energy fuelled track Reputation. Stepping drums
from the offset build in to a frenzy. Hold On, dropping in to a baseline riff that
will have people bouncing off the walls. This is all glued together with fizzing
sounds and sweeps that complete this all round party destroyer .

Finalising proceedings we have “Don’t Play Games” . Yet another slice of party magic,
Low lfo bass tone dictate proceedings, accompanied with a memorable vocal hook makes
this track a all round dj favourite. Hoods up, drinks down and get ready to skank
your arse off!