Approaching 6 years since its inception, Natty Dub has been a pivotal platform for bringing through new and exciting artists to the battle field and giving them a podium to premier their craft. Trakker is no exception to that; the newest member to the Natty Dub regiment, 20 year old Trakker (Formally known as Feline) prepare’s to embark on his first solo mission. This two-track release gives you a full insight into the skills of this up and coming talent and exhibit just why he has been inducted into the labels ranks. Both ‘Tunnel Vision’ and ‘Blanks’ incapsulate Trakker’s influences and showcasing his abilities whist adhering to the labels ethos and maintaining a classic drum and bass sound.

Taking you back to the early days of the virus sound, ‘Tunnel Vision’ explores the era with intricacy. The crashing percussive breaks building up to a heavyweight bassline, combined together with erie delayed soundscapes that will sure induce and experience of extreme ‘Tunnel Vision’ and creating a true blast from the past.

Next you’re introduced to ‘Blanks’. This track is gritty from the off and Offers you a completely different experience. This track’s skippy beats accompanied with a distorted fizzy melody all glued together with a punching sublime make this a sure dance floor destroyer.