Natty Dub Generals Suv and Jaxx return to the imprint this month with an unmissable rhythmical double blow in the shape of “Spirit & Ready Ready”. This release marks the third outing for the duo on Natty with must have material like “Input & Aura” already in their arsenal.

2018 has seen both artists release solo work on the label. With Jaxx offering up the essential “Man on the Moon” EP and Suv’s taking us back to Old-school Bristol with “Bong Diddly” feat Joe Peng and the unmissable “Plastik Sea”.

The duo kick things off with “Spirit”, the younger brother of Suv’s 1998 smash hit “Ghost” which was released under his Bigga Star guise on the defining “Wayz of the Dragon” album. The track draws inspiration from the eerie intro soundscapes of the original starting with steppy drum loops complimented by creepy whistles, howls and disturbing whispers which then explode into pure Bristolesq bass-line greeziness giving the listener a perfect update on the original wobble of older sibling “ghost”.

“Ready Ready” turns up the heat a notch or two. Pacey into synths lead us into rolling drums that carefully build to the drop then “Ready Ready Ready” and boom pure distorted bassline pressure from the duo that will keep even the most hard necked raver shimmying along contently on the dance floor.