If you are looking for one word to describe Brighton based king of the jungle DJ Hybrid it would very likely be prolific. Since his debut release on his own Audio Addict imprint “Step up” in 2010, Alex James aka DJ Hybrid has unleashed nothing short of a spectacular array of Old School Jungle inspired smash hits. Making appearances on an abundance of labels including Serial Killaz, Deep In The Jungle and Ruffneck Ting along the way. Hybrid is certainly no stranger to Natty Dub’s front lines having previously made waves in the form of the rolling dance floor killer “Raggamuffin” on “Ammo Box V2”, the outstanding “Occupational Hazard EP” and “Bonafide” on “Ammo Box V4” in 2016/17.

This spring marks DJ Hybrid’s return to the Natty Dub trenches in the form of the highly explosive “Push The Dub EP”. The EP is a collection of 6 of Hybrid’s most militant conceptions to date and provides us with an excellent expansion on his previous Natty content.

Our journey starts with the pure Jungle tear out of “Just Listen”. Classic Jungle inspired stabs and tight stepping drum loops develop into a pumping vintage sounding bassline accentuated by ragga samples and rewinds.

Next up we have our title track “Push The Dub”, space age chords and tickling percussion scores build into drums complimented by an earth shaking bass line laid down in that classic DJ Hybrid style perfectly punctuated with his customary gunshots and Sci-fi FX.

Moving on, “Back in the Day” is journey back to the very roots of the rave scene. Phased drum loops grow through computerized alarms sounds that give way to a filtered vocal samples and those classic rave synths that take us way back to times of old. Then the vocal sample “Back in the days I knew rap would never die” and boom!! A tearing bass line complimented by Old-School acid samples and intense drums make for a blissful trip to way back when that is studded with pure 2018 magnificence.

Next stop on our sonic mission “808 Roller” begins with an eerie atmosphere and skipping drums which ascend to unleash a hard hitting distorted bassline and futuristic FX that combine to create a heavy roller even the most reluctant party goer will not be able to resist nodding their head along with.

Our penultimate rhythmical assignment comes in the form of dance floor annihilator “Hands Up”. Jazzy chords and filtered amen loops cascade into superb Hybrid rolling splendour… “here me now!”

For the final incision into enemy territory DJ Hybrid teams up with Audio Addict’s Next Chapter for bass stomper Street Knowledge. Beginning with crisp popping drums leading into mesmerising tribal tom toms and reese bass lines that are complimented by those classic jungle amens we all love to hear in Hybrid’s production, making this a suitably assertive conclusion to DJ Hybrid’s audible offensive.