Natty Dub’s release rate is certainly consistent but who would have thought that they were already at number 50? True to form, this monster release of 16 underground smashers comes together in squadron formation linking label veterans Coda, T>I, K Jah, Saxxon and SUV to newcomers Stokka, Coy, KC and MC Mood.

Big value compilations in drum and bass are pretty hard to come by these days. ‘Squadron 50’ however, is a fine exception to this rule packaging up a solid lineup of top ranking producers, exclusive beats and tunes that you have no doubt heard smashing bits out of underground raves on the promo circular.

Relative newcomer A N F M sets the tone from the off with ‘Life is a Ting’. An upfront jungle infusion of hardstep breakbeats, sublow bass and lyrics that wrap around the ear like a timely placed hand grenade. Forget head nodding, this one is certainly head blowing!

Coda’s ‘Genghis Khan’ is without a doubt a nod to SUV and the whole Bristol movement. Something of which he’s kind of turned into his own signature sound – think Full Cycle’s glory days with a twist. Talking of SUV, he features here alongside newcomer MC Mood with their track ‘Mambo’. Deep inside the rainforest with this one as SUV demonstrates his haunting yet melodic production skills.

Frontman T>I finally releases ‘Pointless Torture’ which is certainly a welcome surprise considering the damage this tune has been doing. If there ever was a release in 2020 that demanded more than one hijack, this would be it. On the subject of hijacks, the legendary Aries links with Jacky Murda for ‘Vicious’. Sneaky rave stabs, grumpy low end and a certain air of mystery keeps you in check till the very end.

This release certainly doesn’t aim for the single genre target, quite the opposite in fact and with something for every self respecting junglist raver, you’re onto a winner here.

Press Release:​ Dubplate Creative