Natty Dub rolls out the red carpet for both Vytol and K Jah with their double A side release featuring everyone’s favorite man of plasticine and with plenty of shape changing going on over at HQ, it’s about time we let the bassline rumble!

Are we chucking around indirects or just making a statement? Maybe that’s a story for another day however, when Vytol is at the controls, he’s certainly not messing about. Slapping a full on fist of bass to your face in the form of ‘Sell Out’ which will have you one foot skanking all over the shop. Combine that with some funky ass breaks and it’s game over for any wannabe producers.

Vytol and K Jah link up for ‘Morph’, adding sounds of yesteryear into the mix that will do nothing short of put a smile on your face and let’s be honest, we could all do with a cheeky grin or two right about now! A huge womp bassline melody runs through pretty much the whole track alongside the occasional drone that seems to slide in when you least expect it to. Sneaky business.

Big shout to Tony Hart, what a don.