Erbman brings his heavyweight bag of funk for the first time to Natty Dub’s front door and boy is this an overload of good vibes! The ‘City Flow’ EP is full to the brim of everything you could possibly want to put a smile on your face whilst skanking out with your best mates for the first time in over a year (unless you love dancing with your brother and sister on a regular!).

‘Pontiac Funk’ glides in effortlessly, providing a real balance of good versus evil to keep every single jungle raver happy for months to come.

Title track ‘City Flow’ has Toejam & Earl influences oozing out of it from start to finish and with its ultra funk stance and halftime tempo sections, it’s bound to have even the most serious jungle raver moving. Erbman’s double bass slaps perfectly, bouncing off cheeky flutes and brass stabs.

‘Fat Bud Sack’ switches the tempo and the mood of the EP, providing an alter ego to ‘96 jump up, whacking in some lovely high pitched riffs and classic hip hop vox to the mix.

‘Hear This’ once again changes the feel of proceedings with flexed out and airy pads, providing a real false sense of security as once the drop hits, it’s going to hit you HARD. Another real game changer for Natty Dub this one. Erbman, come again anytime