The highly regarded ‘Ammo Box’ series is back for its 5th outing and with a whole bunch of talented producers on board, it’s no wonder Natty Dub are keen to get this one out when going to all night events is still a legal thing.

Frontman Coda lines up a tasty, true to form roller which naturally contains influence from the past with brand new production vibes in the mix. ‘Drumz’ is one of those tunes that can loop continuously for hours and every single listen creates possibilities to find new elements. Vytol and K Jah shine hope across the horizon with ‘Another Tomorrow’ combining wind riffs with pitch bent low end and sneaky drum rolls. A perfectly crafted tune that wouldn’t feel out of place if you’re playing right across the broad spectrum of drum and bass.

Erbman offers you to ‘Bust a Clip’ to his latest dance floor rocker which, as you can imagine, is solely aimed at ripping up shows. It’s no nonsense off key bass and vocal stabs switch in and out perfectly, so much so you would think that someone spilt a bottle of oil over the crossfader. Jaxx follows things up nicely with ‘Tickin Clocks’ which is no doubt one of those tunes that sneaks in from nowhere, creeping into your ear like an infectious worm. Special attention has been paid to layering up the breaks alongside some cheeky FX and brass selection.

‘Odds and Sods’ by the one like Damageman brings the latest ‘Ammo Box’ instalment to a close and what a way to do it. Saving this one to the end is a clear indication that Natty Dub wants you to use this secret weapon at the end of your DJ sets. If the crowd say reload, you really should do it.. Even when the lights are on and the security guard is saying go home.