The Natty Dub release train is in full effect for 2021 and with another huge ‘Ammo Box’ EP coming your way, the crew certainly show no signs of stopping. This one features label veteran T>I alongside Dunk, ANFM, Formula and Untrue flinging down some filthy, true to form underground drum and bass shellers.

‘Guidance’ by T>I is nothing short of the unwritten rule book of murky, head to the floor upfront bass music. His unique steppy drum patterns will always shine through and make no mistake, this one has had the whole tool box thrown at it. ‘Primitive’ by Dunk gets a tribal treatment with its minimal arrangement and winding pads, darkside business a run!

Formula takes influence from the early 2000’s and its wonky jump up craze with ‘Big Tony’. A fine fitting name with its gangster movie vocal stabs and sinister atmosphere which fit perfectly with the ‘Ammo Box’ theme of the EP.

‘Murda’ by Untrue kicks along at a fine pace, lacing silky pads and cheeky drum programming across the dance floor. ANFM jumps in on the stripped back action with ‘Retrace’ combining jungle roots, gushing risers and stomping breaks resulting in one heavy, hard hitting chunk of audio and wrapping up the EP in fine style.

Looking for weapons to unleash in your next set? Look no further than ‘Ammo Box V6’. Sure-fire vibes and then some