DJ Sofa joins the Natty Dub ranks with her double A side debut featuring a playful nod to the happier days of jump up and a devastating blow to your chops on the flip. Coming all the way from Finland, it’s a real testament to the global reach of drum and bass, not to mention the many influences being thrown around on this release.

‘Fruit Crate Digger’ chucks in a funky organ melody just for the fun of it before slapping all kinds of mid range bass riffs around the dance floor. It’s one of those tunes that really deserves some kind of crazy video with all manner of cartoon characters losing their shit. Big shout going out to Crash Bandicoot!

‘We Got You’ is a totally different affair that blatantly gives a nod or two to the original Bristol foundation and quite rightly so. Chopped up breaks and crafty FX build up to that all important overly distorted bassline that sounds like it’s been kicked around the studio for hours before finally landing in the master channel. The additional think break switch is FIRE!

One to watch? Without a doubt. DJ Sofa…. next level tings.