Vytol, Dunk, Jaxx, Simple Simon, Dub General and Scurrow load up the artillery and take aim with their brand new ‘Trench Warfare’ EP led impeccably by the Natty Dub General. If there ever was a time to pick up the full selection, it’s no doubt now as every single one of the 5 tracks here is pure fire.

You want to look sassy whilst wearing camo face paint? Strange combo but Vytol and his ‘Get Cute’ headlining track is a two step affair of moody single shot bass stabs and breaks which hold a certain flair to the mid 90’s. Dunk & Jaxx link up in a tag team combo stylee for ‘Amazon River’ which strips back everything to the point of 3 or 4 channels allowing the infectious programming to take control. Who said Simon was simple? Certainly not us as he’s a wizard when it comes to shelling down the production studio! Bringing ‘Bounce Rate’ to the EP was a smart move and with it comes an ammo can full of energy, bright driving snares and animated FX.

Dub General continues the emotional engine with ‘No More’ which could well be a tune you have already heard in DJ sets across the country. Sneaky Amen break fills and delicious pads are the order of the day here alongside that memorable vocal. Scurrow wraps up the battle with ‘Go Now’ which isn’t an indirect way to turn off, quite the opposite in fact. What you’re getting here is a fine piece of music, wrapped in silky smooth vocals and top notch production which is well worth checking out.