Saxxon and Dawn Raid are joined by newcomers to the label Conrad Subs, JFal and Tomoyoshi for an all out bassline onslaught of good vibes and banging tunes. The ‘Trench Warfare 2’ EP is set to turn your world upside down and then some..

‘Salsa Dip’ by Conrad Subs mixes Latino hooks with ‘Bambaata’ breaks and everything else you would expect from a summertime smasher. No doubt one that’s been creeping into A list sets for a while now. Saxxon whips up an experimental number in the form of ‘Neptune’ with its off the wall bass pattern and tribal drums that are not too dissimilar to the previous track. Another head nodder for sure!

JFal opts for a classic kick and snare pattern with ‘Run Dance!’. Wrapping up dub sirens, creeping FX and a twisted trumpet tone before slamming into a hard step affair of sublow bass and mid 90’s influences. Dawn Raid takes the vibe deeper into the jungle with ‘Mega City One’. No doubt a track Judge Dredd would have been representing on his Lawmaster whilst cruising the streets and chopping down the bad guys. Tomoyoshi represents the lighter style of drum & bass with ‘Space Funk’. A track so relevant today as it would have been in 1995 and certainly one that breathes a breath of fresh air into the scene. You like your drum & bass with a certain flex? This one is those that like to close their eyes and feel the vibes.