Jaxx, Mythz and Golden stack up high as being one of the most influential releases on Natty Dub so far. A double A side rinse out of high end jump up drum & bass featuring top quality vocals and forward thinking beats.

‘Where The Root Is’ gets a bang up to date Kleu remix with one almighty kick from the low end. You’re getting a hell of a lot of tune here with an abundance of interlocking parts, connected by studio wizardry and Natty Dub vibes. Expect this to sit at the top of the download charts for weeks!

Jaxx, Mythz & Golden chuck in the flip ‘Lazerbeams’ for good measure, reminiscent of the 2008 dubstep come drum & bass takeover with its forever warping bassline. One to drop at any outdoor festival that’s still going abroad or any large scale rave that’s about to kick off in the UK. Big room business, don’t settle for less..