For those familiar with the legendary Mr. Men series (which also spawned a Little Miss..) you will no doubt raise a smile at the cheeky artwork. Obviously Coda somewhat resembles a pink drum with mental fingers but that’s a story for another day.

‘Mista Beat’ follows in a true experimental style with harsh wind instrument chops and a beat so diverse it will have your head twisted up in seconds. Not one for the main room at midnight but certainly a track to drop at the afters for serious damage.

‘Starlight 2001’ provides all the emotions of a vinyl release without the 3 year wait at the pressing plant. Full of ‘96 charm and character, some cheeky Amen breaks in the very welcomed second drop and everything else you would expect from Coda.

‘Last Chance’ certainly isn’t a resignation letter from Natty Dub (we hope!) but a rework of something very spectacular from one of the golden eras of drum & bass. It’s hard to really say anymore without something official landing through the letterbox but feel free to check it out and make your own mind up..

‘B Side Funk’ rewinds the tape deck to brighter times with an abundance of fun and one foot skanking. Time to reach for the Benson & Hedges Sovereigns (if they still even sell them?), lace up the Reebok Classics and have a little jam. Make sure you listen right to the end too!


1. Click the game below.

2. Complete the puzzle in the shortest amount of moves.

3. Take a screen shot of your lowest score.

4. Send the screen shot to with your name and facebook page.All the lowest score will be entered in to the draw and a winner at random will be picked on the 17th February.

Winners bundle will consist of a Canvas of Mister beat and a copy of the E.p.

Good Luck!!

Mr Beat Slide Game!