It’s been a minute since we saw the name Hoogs grace a Natty Dub release. In fact, it was all the way back in 2018 – in the days before the world went all “unprecedented” – when his jungle-influenced ‘City of Sound EP’ landed to dance-dusting effect.

And now he’s back on the label with a two-tracker that adds a whole new layer to the Hoogs sound. Sure, he’s still got those classic vintage elements – the nineties jump up bubbling bass, the skank-out two step beefed up by rolling breaks, the stripped-back and dancefloor-focused style – evoking a meld of prime time Full Cycle and Urban Takeover, but there’s even more to discover.

The funk in ‘Falling Away’ and the tinge of sci fi darkness in ‘Mechanical Gears’ hint at the extra levels Hoogs subtly builds into his tunes without ever falling into falling into chin-stroking self-indulgence. Despite its intelligent construction and “for those that know” references, this is music aimed straight at the party that selectors, emcees and ravers alike are going to vibe with from beat one.

Yes, Hoogs is back on Natty Dub Recordings with two tunes that are going to find a home on USBs and playlists everywhere. Don’t sleep on these, you’re going to want them in your life.