After a slew of successful releases, Natty Dub turn to Cabin Fever’s own Voltage for his first solo EP on the imprint – The Low Rollers EP.

Voltage has had a mass of releases on labels like V Recordings, Shogun, Inner City, Playaz and much more and also runs his own label Rollaz.

First up we get ‘Do It’, a wicked roller with a massive injection of funk sensibilities. An impressive jazzy introduction paves the way with some nicely chopped and delayed vocals, really giving it an authentic live jazz feel. When it drops, it’s classic Natty Dub, a big deep wobbling sub dominates the track alongside crisp drum work. Horns stab through this, alongside fluttering echoes of the vocal resulting in a seriously groovy but bass heavy bit of work.

For number two, Voltage teams up with Natty Dub vocalist Regina, for her first outing on the label. It starts off gentle with some nice chords and punchy percussion before leading into another gorgeous roller (what did you expect on a release called ‘The Low Rollers EP’?). This one strips it back, a hard hitting kick and snare dance around Regina’s soulful voice and are carried along by a silky smooth and seriously warm bassline, while luscious pads and strings just add to the tender mood of this track. It’s easy listening and feel good and is doesn’t forget to keep the musicality in it that drum and bass can often lack.

Number 3 is ‘Bubblez’ and it’s safe to say that this one was perfectly named. It kicks off with a darker intro than before that’s ruled a sinister atmospheric. This builds and escalates into a bubbling explosion of bass engineering from which the track takes its name. It gurgles and seethes like a tar pit, dark and dangerous and driven along by some militant stepping drums. It doesn’t pull any punches and it guarantees to get a dancefloor moving with its alternative rough rolling style.

For the last one we get ‘Breakin Down’. It’s eerie from the get-go with some evil strings and once it drops you get treated to a big dirty sub, a wicked vocal hook, some futuristic growls of bass and some crazy synthesised snarls and stabs. This one brings a weighty bit of low end to the table and the rattling and rolling percussion carries it along beautifully. A steppy screwface roller for those who want some up front damage!

We want to know your thoughts on this release and how it’s doing out in the field. Send in your feedback and stay tuned for more club ammunition from the mighty Natty Dub recordings!