After the success of the remixes EP Part 1, which saw Playaz heavy hitter Jaydan alongside Cabin Fever, the second part, The Remixes EP Part 2 brings the talents of Level 2 and Saxxon to Natty Dub for some more remix business!

First up we have Saxxon taking the helm to put his own spin on ‘Gets No Rougher’. It was the first release on Natty Dub so it’s definitely something special and Saxxon has infused it with his own style. The chugging snarling wobble of the low end has evolved and, this time, it has the addition of Saxxon’s analogue style and classic jungle sounding bass engineering alongside it. Chopped and echoed vocals punctuate the body of the track and nice tight drum work rounds it off. A big wobbly roller guaranteed to mash up any dance!

Second up is a Level 2 remix of ‘All Night’. It’s deep and dark and minimal, but still a hell of a roller just showing that sometimes less is more. The dark soundscape is accented by a beautiful vocal and gives this one a soulful yet melancholy vibe. It’s a tune for the switch moments in a set when you want to flip that frantic energy and give the crowd time to recover but without compromising on bass weight.