Wrong Turn is certainly moving at warp speed with their release schedule as Trakker follows up his previous release with another experimental dose of drum and bass. Don your hardhat, safety goggles and anything else to hand because when you drive these beats through your system, it’s not going to be a pretty sight.

‘Conan’ is certainly named after the world famous barbarian and lives up to the name by taking absolutely no prisoners. It’s ruff and ready instrumental concoction is as solid as they come and totally in line with the Wrong Turn ethos. If you’re a fan of the harder side of everything 175 bpm then this is certainly an ideal choice.

The flip, ‘Off Key’ presents a double snare breakbeat pattern that almost borders on the realms of 3 Beat – a sub genre almost forgotten in 2020 but one that was coined by Full Cycle many moons ago. The low end on this tune is combined perfectly with glitch ridden melodies and an undoubtable horror vibe.

Education for the masses and another 2 tough tunes at your disposal.