Long dark nights and buckets of rain combine perfectly with the latest offering from Natty Dub’s offshoot label Wrong Turn. A double A side of experimental yet industrial drum and bass from resident artist Trakker who no doubt loves his winters cold, bleak and damn right miserable. This is drum and bass to screw up your face to, not put your hands in the air and make stupid love heart symbols.

‘Curiosity’ takes onboard some choice female vocal samples and for those who know their early hardcore will no doubt reminisce on the good old times after hearing them once again. Jagged breaks and grinding bass feature heavily here, showcasing Trakker’s love for everything uncommon and out of the ordinary.

Mysterious pads and FX take the lead on ‘Angel’, a sort of love letter to tech step dressed up with some 2020 flair. It’s clever twists and turns make this 5 minute tune one that is easily playable from start to finish and certainly shouldn’t ever be switched out 4 bars after the initial drop. Take them on a journey they said and that’s exactly what Wrong Turn intends to do